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Nationwide Bingo has always been committed to creating a community of bingo halls all across the country. But now we've gone one step further. Upon receiving several requests from individuals looking to start up a new hall of their own, we have begun to create a list of expert bingo consultants. No individuals here work for, or are in any way affiliated with, Nationwide Bingo. These individuals come merely as recommendations from other owners like you, or because of their many years of experience. And remember, if you think you know of a name that should be up here then please do not hesitate to Contact Us about adding them here.

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is the founder of Creative Bingo Solutions, Inc., a full-time bingo consulting firm, specializing in providing start-up and turn around services to not only the Native American Gaming Industry, but stand alone bingo halls for profit. For over twenty years, Ms. Smith's experience has encompassed not only small halls, but large ones as well, showing expertise in exceptional hospitality training. Ms. Smith is fully versed in the usage of electronics and integrating machines into a paper-preferred hall, along with either computerized accounting systems or manual tracking.

Considered an expert in the usage of multi-level buy-ins and payouts, in addition to high stakes insured or progressive games, Ms. Smith has been able to utilize all of these features, if necessary, as a draw for bottom-end as well as top-end players. She has the distinct privilege of stating that if her recommendations have been implemented, all of the bingo halls under her direct supervision have been profitable. Ms. Smith has been associated with not only bingo halls all across the United States, but Central America as well.

In addition to the above consulting services, Ms. Smith has written a book on Bingo entitled "Bingo, Doing It Right, The Procedures Manual". This book, the first in a set of volumes, describes in detail not only all positions and duties in bingo, but includes the 1999 National Indian Gaming Minimum Internal Control Guidelines and how to comply with each one. Ms. Smith is presently working on her second volume, "Bingo, Doing It Right, Games and Promotions".

Ms. Smith was selected to be a representative for bingo at the formation of CalNIGA, and more recently, a repeat guest speaker at both the Bingo World Expo and G2e in Las Vegas.

Originally from Texas, Sharon attended Texas Christian University, and majored in the field of Journalism. Prior to being employed in the gaming industry, she spent years in the hotel/restaurant field, receiving numerous awards for exceptional customer service. She is also very active in her community of Palm Springs, having been in charge of various fund-raising events in the past.

Sharon Smith • President, Creative Bingo Solutions, Inc.
6702 Westwood Circle • Palm Springs, CA 92264
Phone: (760) 324-6733 • Fax: (760) 883-5970

Ronald Rickey

Ronald Rickey has over 30 years of experience covering all aspects of bingo, including
the setting up and operation of new games... to helping ailing games recover.


Harold Blotcher

Harold Blotcher owned and operated his own Bingo Equipment and Supply Distributorship in Massachusetts for 25 years from 1980 to 2004. He serviced Bingo Games throughout New Engalnd and then nationally via the internet. He is considered an expert in helping new games getting set up and existing games increase their profitability. Harold is ready and able to help any Bingo Operator anywhere in the United States.

Phone: (781) 363-5519

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