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How we collect personal information

An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the web. In North America, these addresses and registered, and administrated by the American Registry for Internet Numbers, and may be assigned to you by your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Other organizations exist to maintain IP address for users outside the US. We do not link your IP address to any personally identifiable information, so you are able to surf anonymously. We do, however, determine IP addresses at the time you visit our site to track what part of the country, and world, you are visiting the site from.

Cookies are bits of information sent by a website that is saved on a users local computer. Nationwide Bingo does not use cookies to store any personally identifible information. Nationwide Bingo, like most companies, employs use of cookies to increase the experience of its site.

You can disable, or limit, cookies in your browser's settings, but doing so may reduce functionality of some websites. This includes, for example, Nationwide Bingo's ability to save your list of "Favorite Bingo Halls."

Information disclosure and Third-Party policies

Nationwide Bingo does not share any information it collects of its users to third parties, unless expressly requested by a user. All information collected is used solely for the purpose of offering the best experience possible with our site, and fulfilling any placed orders. At times we may disclose personal information as dictated in cooperation with law enforcement or other legal processes. Nationwide Bingo may also use such information in the process of protecting the rights, property, or policies of Nationwide Bingo and its users.

While has its own privacy policy, it is built upon a directory of bingo halls across the nation. As such, many bingo halls are allowed to list a link to their own website. Links to these halls, or any of our advertisers, are beyond the control of Nationwide Bingo and therefore our Privacy Policy does not apply. Each company listed on our site employs their own privacy policy, and have their own information gathering techniques. While we strive to maintain the integrity of the links available on this website, you should read each website's privacy policy, as visiting that site is at your own risk.

Nationwide Bingo will never engage in the selling of personal information of our users to third parties.

How we protect personal information

Nationwide Bingo safeguards the information you send us with physical, managerial, and electronic procedures. You should make every attempt to protect the information you are sending, such as passwords, while using our website. Using public computers to transmit sensitive information is not recommended as there is no assurace the computer you are working from is safe. NationwideBingo does not collect any sensitive information, such as credit card information, without it going through a secure socket layer (SSL). To send such information, you must be using an SSL-enabled browser such as Netscape Navigator 3.0, or Internet Explorer.

Collecting other information

When browsing Nationwide Bingo's website you are able to do so anonymously. As a general rule, we do not automatically collect personally identifible information, such as email address, while you are on this site - except where noted above. Modern browsers, however, automatically send basic information, such as screen size and type of browser, with every page request. Nationwide Bingo, like many companies, use this information to improve the user experience, and overall usability, of our website.

What else should you know

Even though visiting our site is in itself safe, the utmost caution should always be used in determing the security of your surroundings before transmitting any sensitive information over the web. If you use passwords to access websites be sure to change them regularly. On the rule of safety, passwords should contain at least 8 characters, and contain both numbers and letters. Also know that using personally identifible information, like Social Security Numbers, is never a good practice and should be avoided if possible.

Our commitment to privacy

Nationwide Bingo communicates its privacy policy to every employee of ours. No personal information will ever be used, under any circumstance, for reasons not clearly expressed on our website. By using the Nationwide Bingo website you consent to the use of information it collects as expressed hereupon. Our policy is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to periodically review our privacy policy for any changes.

Last Updated December 14, 2004

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